the Assistant's Assassin

1/2 hour TV pilot - action comedy

An executive assistant with a failing marriage and a money-laundering rap takes a much-needed job as a PA for a slobby Brit - only to discover the Brit is an MI6 agent with issues. With the assistant forced to spy on the spy to avoid prosecution, both women must work out their demons and deliver on their promises in order to save themselves, each other, and, just maybe, the world. 

Wild Lupins

1-hour TV pilot - fantasy

A young Kiwi working in the Black Forest must hunt a killer as she discovers her true identity and falls for a werewolf, all while preparing to face the ultimate struggle between good and evil. 


Action-comedy short

An edgy waitress avoids sexual assault in the workplace by killing her boss in a blood-soaked fight to the death involving the whole restaurant staff.